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Rubies of Eventide Quests

Rubies of Eventide is an online game rich in lore and has a number of interesting and challanging quests. These quests range from simple one time kill tasks to full fledged multi-step quests with a variety of results. Many of the quests build on Rubies of Eventide's moto of "choose wisely" as the reward often depends on your choices. The following descriptions are spoilers so please do not read the following pages if you enjoy solving the puzzles on your own. Lore of Eventide presents each rubies of eventide quest listed below with a walkthrough and description of the reward. That reward could be experience, faction change, items or a combination. Some of the alternate quest solutions are discussed.

28 quests found.

Adallindae's Scroll  Adellindae Torvok 500 xp, faction Deliver Adallindae's scroll to torvok
Adellindae's PackageMust complete Adellindae's Scroll quest first Adellindae Adellindae 1500xp, 3D50, faction not listed in quest log: go to Halerma and get package from Iuliana and return it to Adellindae.
Alaura's Auntlevel > 5, level < 18 (approximate) Alaura Aunt Pinia 7d 17i, 1450 xp, faction Alaura's Aunt
Amar's Pests  Amar Amar 500 xp, faction OR 500xp, 10D OR Kill goblins and collect their ears for Amar
Broken Bellows300 armorsmith or weaponsmith Trooper Grath Trooper Grath varies Broken Bellows
Caeria's Revenge  Caeria Caeria choose one of the items for your reward. No xp, coin or faction if you pick an item or have her pick on for you (she gave me gauntlets) Get Caeria's stuff back from Ha'rothor.
Crate for Darkholm  Unak Darkholm 30 degnar, 1000 xp Deliver crate to Darkholm in Kendall Falls
Devon and Kara  Devon Devon 5050 xp, faction, ability to learn intermediate polearm maneuvers Deliver Devon's scroll to his sister and return with Kara's scroll.
Eriden's Bandits  Eriden Eriden 4000 xp at level 18, cloak of shadows, faction. Kill Ha'rothor and return to Eriden. Quest status does not update after you kill Ha'rothor but it still works.
Fletching Supplies  Penylrae Penylrae 4 degnar, 500xp Fetch 10 oak for Penylrae
Grass Dryad's Request1 druid skill, friendly response to dryad Grass Dryad     Wants "seed of the druid"
KB Mountain Bandits  Nylindros Nylindros   Kill Eriden, Raven and the group of 8 bandits and return to Nylindros
Kobold Fangs  Guard Kelann Guard Kelann 20 xp, 10i, faction per fang kill various kobolds and collect their fangs.
Laramere's Second ScrollMust complete Laramere's scroll quest first Laramere Alura 650xp, 60imp, faction @ level 4, 2050xp, 1D50, faction @level 30 Deliver scroll to Alura in the Birchwood Inn
Laremere's Scroll  Laremere Torvok 500 xp, faction Deliver Laremere's scroll to Torvok
Magical Training  Cek'jn Cek'jn 100xp, Apprentice's Jerkin, faction Defeat war magic training dummy and return certificate to Cek'jn.
Magistrate's Mission  Anquetille Anquetille 2000xp, faction and will teach axe maneuvers (same ones you can learn from trainer in kaj blood) Collect ten patches of Dire Kobold Scales for Anquetille in Halerma.
Mele Training  Gemmik Gemmik 100xp, Bracelet of Gemmik's Favor, faction Defeat mele practice dummy and return certificate to Gemmik. You MUST let the practice dummy finish its LONG lecture before you kill it to receive the certificate.
Norite Ring  Norimar Norimar xp, faction, bracers, optionally metal Norite Ring
Path of Light100 shamanic Haramon Haramon Staff of Light, 3750 xp, faction Path of Light
Ranged Training  Zroe Zroe 100xp, Bracelet of Zroe's Favor, faction Defeat ranged practice dummy and return certificate to Zroe
Snake Skins  Laramere Laramere 5 degnar, 250xp, faction Kill 10 red snakes and give the skins to Laramere
Sorcerer's Quarrel300 sorcery Denrik Denrik Learn level 300 sorcery spell Sorcerer's Quarrel
Steps Into Darknesssee walkthrough Briwynn see walkthrough see walkthrough Steps Into Darkness
Torvok's Stone  Torvok Torvok 750xp, 3 Degnar Give Torvok a block of granite. You can buy the granite at the ore merchant in the gravel pit or you can mine it yourself.
Torvok's Tooth  Torvok Torvok   Fetch a crimson tooth shard from Nock's Gate and give it to Torvok
Vestrondar's Signet Ring  Laramere Laramere 3200xp and faction if you refuse coin, 2400xp and 50D if you accept coin. Kill Vestrondar and bring his signet ring (Silver Ruby Ring before identified) to Laramere
Weaponsmith Supplies  Odova Odova 250xp, 2D50 coin Take scroll to merchant, return crate of ore

Kill Tasks aren't full fledged quests but do offer a source of income.

Check back often as new Rubies of Eventide Quests are added as they are discovered.

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