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Rubies of Eventide Bestiary

Herein Lore of Eventide presents the various mobs that wander Vormis. From the lowly gobling to the intense ghost scytheran, Lore of Eventide covers them all.

Experience shown is the maximum you will obtain before any risk bonus when in the optimal level range. Actual experience gained will vary.

Akvan   killable bane level 3 boss mob, rare spawn, drops ruby
Alastaire   killable Ruins Level 3 boss mob, special spawn, drops ruby
Alran (Potion Merchant)   shopkeeper Kendall Falls  
Alten (Monistary Guardian)     Kharentian Bluffs  
Anowyn 8500 killable,trainer graveyard  
Apprentice (Kobold Sorcerer) 400 killable Kobold Mines, Harrowed Wold  
Bandit   killable    
Barien (Weapons Chapman)   shopkeeper Kajblood Plains - Gravel Pits  
Bear 775 killable,hunting    
Bear Cub 80 killable,hunting    
Boar   killable,hunting    
Boar Piglet 60 killable,hunting Kajblood Plains  
Briwynn   killable,quest Ruins Level 2 Sashite - Quest Mob
Brother Balar   killable Nock's Gate  
Carrion Eater   killable    
Celvaris (Order of Wardens)     Kendall Falls  
Chieftain Aglog (Wolf Tribe)   killable Highlands - NW corner timed spawn - drops plumbum ore - used to be used in a quest.
Clawed Revenant   killable ruins level 2  
Colossal Wasp 3000 killable    
Corpse Eater   killable   undead
Daelenyth (Crafting Merchant)   shopkeeper Founders' Isle  
Darkholm (Rainbow's Edge Merchant Company)     Kendall Falls  
Death Bringer   killable ruins level 2 slow spawn
Demon Boar   killable Silver Lake  
Demon Slime 2538 killable kendall falls, tomb  
Devon (High Guard of Kaj Blood)   quest Kajblood Keep  
Devourer   killable silver lake, pet  
Dire Kobold   killable Harrowed Wold  
Dorgoth (Dock Worker)     Kendall Falls  
Drowned One   killable Harrowed Wold Night spawn, south coast
Eldritch Golem   killable bane level 3  
Ent (lesser)   killable harrowed wold, silver lake  
Ent (greater)   killable silver lake  
Eriden   killable Kajblood Plains - South Bandit Camp  
Estzi (Golem Maker)   quest,trainer,shopkeeper Kendall Falls  
Faded Banshee   killable bane levels 1 & 2  
Faded Spirit   killable   undead
Fire Pixie   killable Silver Lake  
Fire Wasp   killable highlands  
Flesh Eater 1000 killable kharential bluffs near bane undead
Flesh Golem   killable Tomb of the Undying  
Fresh Zombie   killable Graveyard, Kaj Blood Plains undead
Galadar (Baron of Kaj Blood)     Kajblood Keep  
Gelthen (Crimson Tooth Tribe)   killable Nock's Gate  
Gendrak (Crimson Tooth Tribe)   killable Nock's Gate Healer
Ghost Bear   killable kendall falls night spawn
Ghost Scytheran   killable   night only? Silverlake? Triggered spawn?
Giant Wasp 1250 killable Kharentiann Plains, highlands  
Gloom Pixie   killable Harrowed Wold  
Goblin   killable Kaj Blood Plains, Highlands  
Goblin (Crimson Tooth Tribe)   killable Nock's Gate  
Goblin Alchemist (Crimson Tooth Tribe)   killable Nock's Gate  
Goblin Berserker   killable Kharentian Plains, Highlands  
Goblin Chieftain   killable highlands  
Goblin Fighter (Crimson Tooth Tribe)   killable Nock's Gate  
Goblin Fighter   killable Kaj Blood Plains, Highlands  
Goblin Guard (Crimson Tooth Tribe)   killable Nock's Gate  
Goblin Monk (Crimson Tooth Tribe)   killable Nock's Gate  
Goblin Slinger (Crimson Tooth Tribe)   killable Nock's Gate  
Goblin Thug   killable Kaj Blood Plains, Highlands  
Goblin Warrior (Crimson Tooth Tribe)   killable Nock's Gate  
Goblin Warrior   killable Kaj Blood Plains, Highlands  
Gobling 35 killable Kajblood Plains  
Gobling (Crimson Tooth Tribe) 35 killable Nock's Gate  
Golden Goblin (Catch me if you can) 4500 killable Kah Blood Plains Very rare spawn
Goliath Nomeater (minor)   killable Kendal Falls  
Graak (Griffon Claw)     Kendall Falls  
Grass Dryad   killable,quest,trainer Harrowed Wold druid trainer
Great Wasp   killable Highlands  
Greater Imp   killable Highlands, Pet  
Guard Girthen     Kajblood Keep  
Guard Kelann   quest Kajblood Plains  
Guard Surrin     Kajblood Keep  
Ha'rothor   killable,quest Kajblood Plains - SE gambles and quest
Haramon (Temple Services)   quest Kajblood Keep  
Haridos (Mining and Refining)   shopkeeper Kajblood Plains - Gravel Pit  
Hazbib   killable Ruins Level 2 Sashite
Heivili (Vault Keepers)   shopkeeper Founders' Isle  
Hill Giant   killable Kendal Falls  
Hobgoblin   killable Kendall Falls  
Hulking Revenant   killable Ruins Level 3  
Imp   killable Highlands  
Impling   killable Kaj Blood Plains, Pet  
Irate Bear 1100 killable,hunting    
Iron Golem   killable Tomb of the Undying  
Kahl (Kobold Infernalist)   killable Goblin Mines  
Kaj Blood Guard     Kajblood Keep, Kajblood, Kajblood Plains  
Kashka (Taskmaster)   killable Goblin Mines  
Kayaht   killable Goblin Mines  
Kobold   killable    
Kobold Ambusher   killable    
Kobold Chieftan (Mighty Mighty Kobold)   killable Harrowed Wold  
Kobold Guard 405 killable Kobold Mines  
Kobold Miner 210 killable Kobold Mines  
Kobold Rogue 500 killable Kobold Mines  
Kobold Sneak 400 killable Kobold Mines  
Kobold Warrior 710 killable Kobold Mines  
Kura (Temple Acolyte)     monastery  
Kvelneg Steelsku (Griffon's Claw)     Kendall Falls  
Lali (Tavern Keeper)     Kendall Falls  
Large Bear Cub   hunting    
Large Wasp   killable Kharentian Plains, Highlands  
Large Wolf 1000 killable,hunting kharentian bluffs, cursed lair  
Lawn Gnome   killable Harrowed Wold  
Lesser Fiend   killable Morkesh  
Lesser Imp   killable    
Lesser Revenant   killable Ruins Level 2  
Lesser Werewolf   killable Cursed Lair  
Li'teli'va (Order of Wardens)     Founders' Isle  
Lizard   killable    
Lizardman   killable Harrowed Wold - swamps in south  
Man Eater   killable   undead
Mangled   killable   undead
Mantis   killable Silver Lake  
Master Ghoul   killable Ruins Level 3 undead
Minor Imp   killable    
Monaka   shopkeeper kajblood plains, gravel pit Ore Merchant
Muruk (Temple Services)     Monastery  
N'Dellvar     Kajblood Keep vaultkeeper
Nock   killable,quest Nocks Gate Quest mob, slow respawn
Novice Bandit   killable    
Olivar (Gem Higgler)   shopkeeper Kajblood Plains - Gravel Pit  
Practice Dummy   killable,quest    
Puny Skeleton   killable Kaj Blood Plains, Graveyard  
Putrid Zombie   killable    
Quarind (Seneshal of Kaj Blood)     Kajblood Keep  
Raesilka (Fletcher)   shopkeeper Kendall Falls  
Raging Bear   killable,hunting Harrowed Wold  
Ralido (Disciple of Jondamar)     Kendall Falls resurection / healing
Rauthar   killable Ruins Level 2 Sashite
Ravager   killable Bluff near monestary, harrowed wold multi target elemental attacks
Raven   killable,quest Kaj Blood Plains - South Bandit Camp  
Red Slitherer   killable    
Red Slitherling 125 killable,quest Kajblood Plains, near river  
Relentless Spiri   killable   undead
Restless Spirit   killable   undead
River Scorpion   killable Kajblood Plains - Near River  
Rock Lizard 2100 killable,hunting hkarentian falls  
Runty Troll 2400 killable Kharentian Plains  
Sarn   shopkeeper Kajblood Plains - Gravel Pit Cloth Shop
Sashite Initiate   killable Ruins Level 2 Sashite
Scorpion   killable    
Scytheran (Hatchling)   killable Kenall Falls slow spawn, skin is tier 5 leather
Sea Scorpion   killable,hunting Harrowed Wold  
Seething Ghoul   killable    
Seething Revenan   killable    
Shadowlisk   killable Silver Lake  
Sharpshooter (Crimson Tooth Tribe)   killable Nock's Gate  
Sharyn (Disciple of The Way)   shopkeeper Monastery sells caster staffs
Sickly Zombie   killable    
Skeletal (Minion)   killable highlands undead
Skeletal (Initiate)   killable highlands undead
Skeletal Knight   killable Ruins Level 3 undead
Skeletal Squire   killable Surranton Bane Level 1 undead
Skeletal Warrior   killable Surranton Bane Level 1 undead
Small Bear 630 killable,hunting    
Small Lizard   killable    
Small Wolf   killable,hunting    
Snake   killable    
Spider   killable Nock's Gate  
Steel Golem   killable Tomb of the Undying  
Stone Troll 6700 killable Kharentian Plains  
Stunted Troll 3440 killable Kharentian Plains  
Swamp Wasp   killable harrowed wold swamp  
Szai'tvel'ni (Griffon's Claw)     Kendall Falls  
Telimi (Griffon's Claw)     Kendall Falls  
Temple Guard     Kajblood Keep  
Thalas   killable,quest Ruins Level 2 night spawn - quest
Thea (Advocate of The Way)     Monastery  
Thesa (Temple Services)     Founders' Isle can bind spirit
Thesoria   trainer Morkesh  
Thrand Algeir (Guild Registrar)     Kajblood Keep  
Tiger   killable,hunting Kendal Falls skin is tier 4 leather
Tiger Cub   killable    
Tomb Guardian   killable Tomb of the Undying boss mob - drops ruby
Troll 5550 killable Kharentian Plains  
Ts'zala (Advocate of The Way)     Monastery  
Twisted Ghoul   killable    
Twisted Revenant   killable    
Twisted Zombie   killable    
Vampire Spawn   killable ruins level 3  
Vernal Ghoul   killable    
Vestrondar   killable,quest Kajblood Plains, East bandit camp  
Warlord Kraaj   killable Kobold Mines  
Wasp   killable    
Wasplet 80 killable Kaj Blood Plains  
Wereboar   killable    
Wolf 475 killable,hunting    
Wolf Pup 125 killable,hunting Kajblood Plains  
Yaghru (Baby Sitter)   killable Nock's Gate  
Young Bandit 225 killable Kaj Blood Plains,  
Young Boar 180 killable,hunting Kaj Blood Plains  
Young Imp   killable    
Young Troll 1950 killable Kharentian Plains  
Z'kaloth (Disciple of The Way)   shopkeeper Monastery bardic disciple - sells bladed staffs

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